Saturday 16 November 2019
OxygenLiquid Carbon Dioxide



Liquid form of nitrogen: the production units of this company are capable of production of almost 60,000 kg of liquid form of nitrogen with two types of purity: 99.9999 % (grade 6) and 99.99 % (grade 4) in daily bases, with fluctuation in 5 production line and with use of production programming adjustment for liquid form of nitrogen, and with 2 stable production line based on European Systech measurement test.

- Gaseous form of Nitrogen: The charging unit of this company is capable of charge of 700 cylinders with capacity of 40 litters and under pressure of 150 times with purity of 99.99 % in daily bases.

(It is considerable to notify that, this company has ability to supply its customers with domestic charges and imported cylinders with required purity.)

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